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Powering Human Flourishing Through Compelling Content

In the rush to pivot to remote and hybrid work in recent years, many leaders and teams have struggled to cope with the pace of change. Old ways of working and managing people often can’t adapt to new realities and technologies, and people are looking for better ways to achieve work/life integration.

I help companies in leadership, technology, and wellness communicate clearly and build authority with stakeholders through comprehensive communication strategies and compelling content. With clear strategy and content, smart, talented leaders can empower a remote or hybrid staff to collaborate better through technology and to pursue wellness in their personal lives.

Unique Experience

I write about leadership and executive development, technology products and services that power collaboration, and personal health and wellness. Those are the perfect combination for the modern world of work. I see connections that help people work better and live more fully through healthier workplaces, better collaboration technologies, and more holistic personal wellness.

Capturing Brand Voice

One of my favorite compliments from clients is “You’ve really captured our voice!” I focus on the words, tone, and message you use to talk about your products and services. Then I translate what I hear into what I write so that you present a consistent and unique brand voice to your stakeholders.

Strategic, Detailed Thinking

In addition to my writing skills, I have a strong background in administration and strategic planning. I ran a small non-profit organization for three years, which involved planning an annual event calendar, coordinating volunteers, overseeing an annual budget, and acting as liaison between the organization and its sponsoring partner and parent organization.

Fiction Writing

In my fiction writing, I focus intently on character and character development. What makes people tick? How do their past decisions impact future actions? How do they react to different inputs? This deep focus on character helps me get inside the heads of your customers and figure out what makes them tick—and find the ways to capture their attention.

connect + compel


To connect thought leaders in human capital, wellness, and technology to their audiences through engaging stories, powerful narrative structure, and clear and compelling copy.

About Me


For over twenty years, I’ve worked with marketing professionals and thought leaders to turn big ideas into clear, compelling copy that connects them to their core audiences. I’ve worked with organizations that specialize in leadership, technology, and wellness and fitness to help people work and live better.

My deep love of story has driven me to write my own works of fiction. Since 2009, I’ve written three novels, three novellas, and several short stories. You can find out more about my fiction on my personal website.


My husband and I have four children, one daughter-in-law, two grandsons, and a variety of non-human companions. When I’m not writing, I spend my time reading, knitting, crocheting, and running in the wilds of North Idaho.

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